Frequently Asked Questions

The Emergent Enterprises Corp. strives to be the best at maintaining the quality of your business and services. With our experienced staff members, we employ, engage, and empower your business. We ensure protection of your image and partnership with the state and community. Our reputation is a direct reflection of the service that we provide your business. Our team members are well screened as well as reliable, competent, and compassionate.

Is Emergent Corp available after hours, over the weekend, or during holidays?

Yes, the answer is all of the above. We have clinical and administrative staffers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

How does Emergent Corp train its employees?

Based on the services provided, we are committed to a transparent process that allows our business partners to give us feedback on the quality of our employees on any given assignment. We appreciate individual evaluation as it helps us hold our staffers accountable. We understand the impact of lost revenue due to charting errors and omissions so we ensure appropriate documentation and completion of charts in a timely manner.

When shifts are filled appropriately, Emergent Corp is able to maintain a level of normalcy amongst our staffers giving them more control over their schedules and thus having a better work-life balance. The result is less burnout, less turnover, and a more satisfied medical team.